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Senin, 28 Desember 2009

What do you mean?

Every day
With the same words
At the same hour

What do you mean?

I know you do not have much time
To be a part of my world

But am I wrong
If I expect more than that?

I will never try to force
Because I'm sure ...
Later ...
That time will come ...

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Rival Aditya 28 Desember 2009 23.42  

izin mengamankan yg pertamaxx dlu De'..

Rival Aditya 28 Desember 2009 23.43  

wah bunganya cantik... bhs planet ngendi iki ...

ARIF'S 29 Desember 2009 00.51  

bagian ketiga nih............

AmruSite 29 Desember 2009 00.52  

Ikutt2an aja ah. biar jadi runner up comment... hik..
Dari awal sampai akhir penuh dengan untaian kata indah... Puitis bangetss dek.. hihii

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